keytoourjourney a demandé:

Did you do any special aftercare to make your scarification inflate like it did or did your body just heal that way naturally?

Both of them ! My body is naturally a terrible, terrible healer, I’ve a lot of small scars on my arms from cat scratches, mosquitos bites and so on. But I also used pure alcohol from the pharmacy to clean the injury when it was still opened so I guess it helped.

missperverse a demandé:

hi there. nice work from Indy.) and my questions is , are u using some special product for ur scarification [?] [ like some oil or could u give me some tips about care ].))

Hi there ! Thank you (and sorry if I ever answer late, tumblr doesn’t notify me when I get messages, I don’t know why…) !

For the aftercare just after I made it, when it was still under cellophane, I used alcohol from the pharmacy to clean it.

Now as my scar has grown a lot, I’m putting some healing product on it to help the cicatrisation (and avoid it to get way too much volume). I started with cicaplast and I’m now using Bio-Oil, putting it twice a day when I don’t forget about it, I’ve been doing it for a few months. :)

l1ttle-m1ss-r a demandé:

Hi! I must say you have a beautiful blog, I was just wondering.. I saw a photo set of you re blogged onto my TL which included wax play, and saw (forgive me for bad terminology) ridges of your skin and was wondering if you had scarification? Kind regard x

Hi ! Excuse me if I answer late, tumblr doesn’t notify me when I get messages, I don’t know why…  So yes, I do have a professionally done scarification, you can see more about it on my tumblr with the keyword scarification !

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