Today, in “Stuff I wasn’t supposed to show you at first and then completely forgot about” - a CD cover I designed for a young French singer named Lua.

Unfortunately the project did not pan out, so the cover was never completed (as you can see on the right part, which would have been the back cover).

I think I drew this one in 2009-2010 maybe? It looks so old to me, but I still actually like it.

Burned Squat, Prague, Czech Republic.

We saw this house on our road and as it seemed abandoned, we decided to walk in. We could enter without any problem, the wire fences were opened. Doubt : we saw through the broken windows two people walking up the stairs…

 And they didn’t seemed to be photographers. We decided to walk up anyway, to met a couple of old people, a man and its wife. She didn’t seemed happy to see us, we tried to nicely explain we were just here to take a few photographs and the man brang us on the roof where the view on the city was amazing ! But we were here for the home. We took a few more pictures of the burned walls, then decided to leave them alone. We didn’t dare to take photos of the floor they were living in, with a few kitchen made of old stuffs and a fire burning at the corner of the stairs, even though it was kind of amazing to see.

The man was incredibly nice and smiling ! When you go in a hotel or restaurant in Prague, people are often a bit cold and even sometimes a bit brusque. It was kinda surprising to find this poor man living in a old, dirty home and being so nice with us !

As a thank you gift we let him a few coins that he first refused but then finally accepted. That wasn’t a lot, but that was all we had…

We coudn’t visit the whole house as we didn’t wanted to bother the couple, though this unexpected meeting was clearly one of our best expercience during our travel in Prague.

More pictures & full recit (in french) on my blog.

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